Focus On Backlit LED Signage

focus on backlit LED signage

Lighting is a great way to improve visibility for your brand. By using sign installations with a custom designed backlit LED graphic, you’ll add head-turning interest for your East Sussex business, day and night.

Ideal for spotlighting products or events, highlighting promotions and getting you noticed at tradeshows, LED signs are cost-effective and high impact. If you’re looking for ways to build brand recognition fast, backlit LED signs that stay consistent with your brand colours and messaging are the smart way forward.

Get the lighting right

When you’re working with LED lighting, you need to get the placement of the sign and the lights themselves right. Are your signs designed for interior or exterior use? Will other lighting be bright and directional or soft and ambient?

Choose the appropriate level of LED lighting and the correct spacing between lights to create even and consistent lighting for the installation. In turn, this creates the best possible viewing conditions. Make sure your LEDs are correctly powered, so there’s no risk of them burning out.

Avoiding hot spots and bad angles

The light from a backlit LED is soft and ambient, unlike the full-on glare of a fluorescent or neon tube. That comes with its own issues in terms of hot spots and viewing angles. For example, before the cabinet is constructed, make sure that the final effect is the one you want – lights placed closer to the graphics will obviously give a brighter effect than a more subtle glow.

You need to focus on the quality of the materials you use to avoid hot spots. Overly lit areas of your graphic can make the overall look inconsistent, which is why using quality acrylics and vinyls is essential. These can create a more uniform look that attracts your customers’ attention. Always check the viewing angles are consistent with your audience’s expectations and remember that a shallow cabinet will require LEDs that create wider viewing angles.

Focus on colour

All successful signage maintains consistency with brand colours and logos. Unless you’re rebranding, now is not the time to create a sign that looks radically different to the rest of your marketing.

You will have the option to use coloured LEDs, though this can be difficult to get right when all the different elements of the sign are taken into consideration. It’s better to choose between warm or cool white to create sign effects that suit your graphics and the mood you want your sign to create. Crisp and bluish cool white creates an elegant effect, where neon might be overpowering. Golden toned warm white creates a more intimate and ambient atmosphere.

Professional sign installations in East Sussex Working with the professionals will help you get the most out of your LED signage. After all, your signs are only as effective as the audience that is attracted by the message. Even the best designed sign can be let down by poor installation and can therefore fail to create the impact your business is looking for.

At Sign Installations, we work to industry standards to ensure your custom signage is shown off to the best advantage. If this sounds like the way forward for your branding, contact us today.

by norman