How Standoffs Can Make Your Sign Installations Stand Out

Make a sign pop with standoffs

It’s a big name for a small thing, but if you want your sign to make a professional impression then you need standoffs. Standoffs deliver the ultimate in clean, modern and stylish finishes for your sign installations. These small pieces of hardware are one of your biggest weapons in creating signs that your customers will love.

What are sign standoffs?

A standoff is the ultimate weapon when you want your signs to stand out and make a great impression. Essentially, these small pieces of hardware are a combination of a spacer and a screw, designed to hold your signage firmly in position, but with an aesthetically pleasing gap of an inch between your sign and the wall. That, in turn, creates a really eye-catching display that sets your signs apart from the competition.

Unobtrusive enough not to be noticed, these durable and attractive mountings can also be incorporated directly into the sign design. Available in a huge range of finishes and materials, including brass, aluminium and nylon, it’s easy to find a standoff that enhances your signage installations.

Why use standoffs for sign installations?

Standoffs are appealing because of their simplicity and the impact they create. These small pieces of hardware deliver a 3D effect that no other means of installation can replicate. That, in turn, can affect the overall design of your sign, whether you use a standard rectangular sign or custom shapes and letters to create a truly bespoke effect.

Standoffs not only help you to create signs that truly pop, they’re also a robust and long-lasting way to make sure your signs are secured to the wall. Used collectively, either in each corner or strategically placed top and bottom or at the sides, these small screws can hold a sign effortlessly in place for years to come. They’re the preferred way to secure logo signs and other custom signage, thanks to the combination of style and functionality.

Things to consider when using standoffs

Think carefully about sign placement. Although standoffs can be used externally as well as internally, they need a solid and stable surface for a foolproof installation.

Consider the kinds of materials that standoff mounting will really help to show off. Clear acrylics give a particularly strong 3D effect, as your sign appears to float free of its surroundings. But brushed and reflective metals can also look extremely sleek when standoff mounted. For an affordable solution that can still make an impact with a strong visual design, stiff plastics are a savvy choice.

Standoffs are attractive enough to be incorporated fully into your signage design, but be as specific as possible about placement of the necessary mounting holes. For rectangular signs, specify all four corners with additional standoffs at each edge, depending on the size of the sign. You can also opt for custom placements for logo signs and letters.

Ask the experts

When it comes to signage, Sign Installations are renowned for bespoke, high quality installations. If you need signs installed in East Sussex and think the clean and contemporary lines of standoff mounting works for your business, contact us today and we’ll be happy to advise you on every aspect of using standoffs to make your signs stand out.

by norman