Sign Installations 101: What Are Channel Letters?

Sign Installations 101: What Are Channel Letters?

Some of the world’s most recognisable brands use channel letters for their high street signage. These aesthetically desirable signs create a sophisticated and elegant effect that any East Sussex business could look to as a way to differentiate itself from the competition. From style to illumination in sign installations, channel letters create a real impact.

What are channel letters?

Channel letters create a bespoke 3D effect and are often combined with LED lighting to create an elegant and eye-catching halo effect. This type of signage can be mounted directly onto a facade or onto a raceway, a type of box used to suspend the letters.

Channel letters get their name from the internal channel between the back and side sections. These are usually covered by an acrylic face plate which allows the letters to be illuminated from the front, the back or both simultaneously, to create a range of lighting effects – reverse illumination creates the desirable halo effect. Some channel letters have an open channel into which a neon tube is inserted for a very different aesthetic.

Enhance your branding

Channel letters are highly customisable and, combined with their visibility, they make the perfect way to do more than simply communicate your message. Depending on the brand colours, font style and lighting used, your channel letter sign can effortlessly communicate your brand values in a professional and visible way. If you want to make a great first impression, channel letters are the perfect way to bring your branding to the attention of your customers.

Despite their high end aesthetic and highly distinctive look, channel letters can be a budget friendly way to give your branding a boost and they can make a strong connection with your clientele – think Chanel style on an H&M budget.

Sign installations and maintenance

There are three main options for channel letter installation – flush or direct mount where you letter sit directly on the facade of the building, raceway mounts which conceal any electrical wiring and preserve the facade of the building, and the backer mount, where the letters sit on a backing panel which is then mounted on the building.

Channel letters can be used inside and out, and illuminated signs require specialist installation of the electrics and transformer. It’s important to keep your channel letters clean for maximum visibility while the electrics should be regularly inspected for damage, especially after extreme weather.

Acrylic faced letters require cleaning with a soft cloth and soapy water, as any damage to the acrylic can cause problems. Kept free of grease and grime and regularly maintained, your channel letters should light up your business for years to come.

Channel letters for your East Sussex business

Unique and hugely effective, channel letters are a chic and stylish choice for any business, bringing plenty of eye-catching appeal to your signage. With the right design, installation and maintenance, these attractive signs will be durable and energy efficient, allowing you to promote your business without running up a huge electricity bill.

If you’re interested in channel letters to promote your business, give Sign Installations a call. We’ll use our professional expertise to ensure that you get the best possible installation for maximum impact and brand visibility.

by norman