Sign Installations Are Key To Brand Impact

Sign installations are key to brand impact

When you’re investing in new signs, you want them to amplify your brand identity and give your customers the best first impression of your East Sussex business. But while design and production are critical, businesses often still decide to bootstrap sign installations instead of using the professionals. That can be a huge mistake, undoing all the good work that went into producing your new signs in the first place.

So why is professional sign installation so critical to the final result?

Match quality with quality

New outdoor signage can represent a significant investment if you want a product that’s built to last. Quality design and materials will produce a sign that creates the best impression for your brand with faithfully reproduced logo and brand colours.

Installation is equally important and often overlooked. It’s an additional expense, but one that’s well worth making. Getting it right first time means your sign makes an impact and captures eyeballs from the start. Get it wrong and it creates a poor impression that can be costly to put right.

Deceptively simple

Don’t make the mistake of thinking signage installation is simple. There’s more to it than you might think, even in the application of vinyl window graphics which can actually be time-consuming to apply correctly. Get it wrong and the impact, and your investment, is lost.

Then there are the more complex installations which can look deceptively simple when done well. Backlit channel letters and freestanding monoliths can look stunning. They’re an important part of your marketing strategy that continually brings your brand to the attention of customers. But these types of signs must be installed according to strict HSE standards and building regulations, and unless you have the necessary skills and equipment, should not be tackled by yourself.

Why DIY is a DI don’t

It’s not just the working at height directive that should make you think twice about installing your own signs. It can be tempting if you’re on a tight budget, but cutting corners on installation can have several unintended consequences for your business.

Individual channel letters need to be properly aligned and installed at the correct depth – easy if you’ve spent years doing it, but not so simple for the layman.

But that’s only the start. Using the incorrect fittings can make your signs a public health hazard when they rot or fail to bear the weight of the sign you’re fixing. It’s critical to use the right fixtures and fittings, to make sure they’re suitable for the job and to have them installed correctly. Unless you know what you’re doing, this is a job best left to the professionals.

Professional sign installations in East Sussex

Professional installation should always go hand in hand with professional sign production. If you cut corners at the installation stage, then you won’t get all the benefits that professional signs should accrue to your business. Installation should always be viewed as an intrinsic part of sign production, not an afterthought.

If you want to display your new signs as they should be seen and benefit from increased brand awareness and impact, get in touch. At Sign Installations, we deliver a complete installation and maintenance service to keep your signs looking top notch whatever the weather.

by norman