Sign Installations – Do You Have The Skills For The Job?

Sign installations - do you have the skills for the job?

If your East Sussex business is contemplating an update this year, you’ll need new signage. To get the best return on your investment, you’ll work with a professional signage company who can create a brand image that is eye-catching and memorable. But when it comes to sign installations, do you have the skills to get the job done?

Why professional sign installations matter

One of the benefits of signage is its permanence – once professionally installed, it will stay in position until it’s time for a refit. Digital marketing has become hugely important for modern business, but a well designed sign is still one of the most cost-effective lead generation devices available, especially for a small business.

Your eye-catching signs will send a strong message to your audience, raising brand recognition and awareness. That imagery can play a significant role in your marketing efforts. But installing signage correctly takes professionalism and expertise.

Using a professional installation company makes sense when you’ve made a significant investment in new signage. The professionals will:

Conduct a full site survey: this can include taking photos of the site, measuring up, making note of any electrical access points and then properly siting your signs

Get the location right: a professional installation company will have good knowledge of any local bye-laws, HSE regulations governing working at height and legislation regarding the positioning of signs for inclusivity

Have the right tools for the job: a professional’s toolkit will include at a minimum tape, sealants, screw fixings and levels, plus more specialised equipment designed to make short work of durable and long lasting installations that won’t fail and leave you out of pocket.

The skills for the job

If you’re considering undertaking installation work yourself, do you have a clear idea of the skills involved? There’s a lot more to the correct fixing of outdoor fascias and directional signage than being handy with a screwdriver.

Our professional installation team need the following skills to get the job right:

Coordination: the ability to work with close control even when several feet above the ground

Cooperation: the ability to work with others as part of a successful installation

Monitoring operations: when working with complex equipment, installers need to ensure the correct operation of machinery and have the experience to sort out any issues

Active listening and learning: getting it right first time is about the ability to listen and learn, take on board all instructions and execute them as instructed

Critical thinking: this is a necessity as installers need to be able to troubleshoot on the job, and use their reasoning and logic to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of a range of potential solutions

Safety awareness: working at height is dangerous for both installers and the public. Our team work to the latest regulations to ensure that any installation site is safe and secure.

Work with the professionals

If you don’t have the skills or equipment to get the job done, don’t worry. At Sign Installations, we can ensure that your new signage gets the treatment it deserves, so get in touch with us today to arrange installation and maintenance for your new signage.

by norman