Sign Installations For Channel Letter Signs

Sign installations for channel letter signs

If you’re looking for signs that are on-trend and really pop, try channel letters. Every famous brand from Starbucks to Chanel use this form of signage to highlight their logo, making it an obvious choice when you want to add some style to your exterior and interior signs. And professional sign installations are a critical part of getting the look right for your East Sussex business.

What are channel letters?

This 3D graphic element is comprised of a structure and separate illumination. Each element combines to create the desired signage and channel letters are endlessly flexible in terms of font, colour, style, materials and size.

Constructed from a face, trim cap, return and back, channel letters are usually constructed from aluminium and acrylic. Letters can be front or back lit or use a combination of both. LED illumination is the smart choice for its flexibility, sustainability and low energy consumption.

Mounting options for channel letters

Most channel letter signs use a raceway mounting, where a box is used to house the wiring and power supply for any lighting. This type of installation has the advantage of being all of a piece, meaning you can simply remove the sign and reinstall if you move premises. Landlords also appreciate raceway mounted signs, as they reduce the number of wall penetrations required during the installation process.

A backer mount is similar to a raceway mount but uses a metal cabinet, or backer, rather than a box. However, if the aesthetics of your installation are paramount, then a direct or flush mount produces the most streamlined and stylish effect. As the name suggests, the letters are mounted directly to the building facade or an interior wall. If reverse channel letters are being used, then your installer will use offset spacers to achieve the desired effect.

What to look out for in channel sign installations

Channel signs are generally installed using a template, allowing the installers to drill out mounting holes in the correct locations. They’ll use weather resistant fixings to attach each letter to the facade in the correct place, before running and testing the wiring, if you’ve chosen to illuminate your signs. Finally, the letter face is fixed in place.

If a raceway mount is being used, the channel letters can be fixed in place first and then the entire sign mounted in place.

Why you need professional installation

Getting channel letters into the correct positions isn’t easy. And while you may be able to tackle mounting small letters on an interior wall, exterior installations are best left to the professionals. They’ll be able to troubleshoot any unforeseen problems on the fly and fix your letters in place in the most difficult of situations.

Professional sign installers pay attention to the details. Letters will be perfectly aligned and in the correct orientation – unless you’re a child focused business, nothing looks less professional than letters the wrong way up or arranged out of true. A properly installed sign has a long lifespan, building brand recognition throughout.

Talk to the professionals

At Sign Installations, we’ll make sure you get the best return on your investment in this chic and stylish signage. Contact us today to find out more about using channel letters to boost your brand.

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