Sign Installations: Make Or Break For Your Brand

Sign installations: make or break for your brand

When it comes to sign installations for your East Sussex business, it’s all about the details. You might create a superior customer experience or have the greatest product range in the area, but without professionally installed signage, your brand won’t connect with your buyers.

Partnering with a professional installation company will maximise return on investment from your signs, optimise brand recognition and capture the attention of customers old and new.

Make every sign a winner

Your sign package should be the start of a story that your brand tells to its customers. Your signs should be interesting and unique, combining design, colour and bold details to create something that attracts eyeballs and truly captures people’s attention.

Collaborating with a professional signage company lays the groundwork for business signs that are effective and attractive, make good design choices and avoid the pitfalls that can undermine your brand.

Durable and long lived

Your sign isn’t just a piece of wood or metal – it’s how your customers get to discover your business. 50% of a new business’s customers are attracted by professional on-premise signs, making it the single most attractive way to announce your presence when you open your doors.

But durability doesn’t only reside in the choice of materials and the timelessness of your design. Without effective professional installation, your signage can fail fast, negating the accrued benefits of your investment. But combine the right materials with the correct installation and you’ll have a sign ready to stand the test of time, and to keep telling your story to your customers.

Professional or DIY?

When it comes to the final installation, don’t be tempted to cut corners and DIY. If you’re asking yourself how hard can installing a sign be, the answer is surprisingly difficult. Even the smallest vinyl decal can be ruined if incorrectly installed, and because your customers are close enough to see every flaw, it’s surprisingly easy to create a poor first impression.

Partner with a professional sign installer and you can rest assured that every sign, from exterior fascias to vinyl wall graphics, will be flawlessly executed. The result? Signs that looks professional and eye-catching from every angle and every distance, for maximum impact.

Professional installers have the right tools for the job, and the right fixings to cope with the exterior conditions, which can be very different in a town to those found on the East Sussex coast. They’ve been trained to work at height and they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your installation. Perhaps most importantly, they know to expect the unexpected and can troubleshoot any problems, saving you time and money.

Sign installations that work for your business

If you’ve invested in a new signage package and you want to maximise the return on your investment, don’t skip the installation phase. This is the culmination of the design and manufacture of your signs and it needs to be taken seriously if your sign is to have the impact and reach you expect.

At Sign Installations, we have years of experience installing signage that is beautiful, durable and readable from any distance. We know how to create an impact with sign placement and installation to create a long-lasting effect for your business, so get in touch today.

by norman