Sign Installations – Outsource Or DIY?

Sign installations - outsource or DIY?

Sign installations for your East Sussex business may look easy, but there’s a lot at stake. Each product is unique to your business and represents the end of a process that starts with visualisation of your concept and ends with the finished sign in place.

With 8 in 10 customers visiting new retail or business premises based on the quality of the sign alone, signage installations need to be perfect. After all, 68% of potential customers believe that the quality of your sign reflects directly on your business.

So should you outsource your signage installations or trust to luck and go DIY? These are 5 reasons why you should trust the professionals every time.

Your brand reputation

If you’ve ordered new signage to enhance your brand reputation, why risk everything with a poor installation? Even a seemingly straightforward sign can end up installed in the wrong place and therefore not shown off to its best advantage.

With nearly 40% of businesses identifying branding as the key component of effective signage, trust the professionals to enhance your brand reputation with a clean and precise installation.

Professionalism and experience

Ask yourself, would you ask your designer to install your finished signs? There’s a reason why outsourcing makes sense and that’s to take advantage of the professionalism and experience of trained signage installers.

A professional installer will be able to undertake any job, from putting up interior signage to working at height with the proper certification.

The right tools for the job

It may look a snap to install certain signs. But even interior installation that requires only a few simple tools can be problematic if you don’t own those tools. And it’s not cost-effective to buy specialist tools that you won’t use again.

A signage installation company will have all the necessary tools to tackle any job, combined with the right hardware. They’ll get the job done in no time saving you time and money.

On the spot troubleshooting

Even the simplest job can uncover hidden complications. Professional sign installers are used to working in a range of situations and with a variety of different materials. If a problem presents itself, they won’t lose time figuring out how to troubleshoot it, because they’re installing signs day in, day out.

That means your sign is not only flawlessly installed but there’ll be the minimum disruption to your business.

Safe and secure

A professional installer will follow health and safety procedures and know how to work safely at height. That means you’re not endangering your employees by asking them to do a job for which they haven’t been trained.

The level of professionalism shown by a dedicated signage installer not only delivers the best results but it also brings confidence and quality to the entire procedure, and your customers will appreciate that.

Professional sign installations in East Sussex

If you want to leverage the power of signage to promote your business and build brand recognition, you need to outsource the installation for the best results, so get in touch now. At Sign Installations, we work to the very highest standards to do the job quickly and professionally, so your unique branding can really maximise your return on investment and drive business through your door.

by norman