Sign Installations – Scheduling For Success

Sign installations - scheduling for success

You’ve commissioned new signs for your East Sussex business and it’s time to schedule the installation. Before you pencil in a date, stop and take the time to find out more about sign installations. That way, you won’t be disappointed or frustrated if things don’t run according to your schedule.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

…and the best customised signs aren’t either. They’re a coming together of the talents of a group of individuals, each of whom have a part to play in getting your signs from the drawing board to your premises. Understanding that there are several processes that need to align seamlessly will help you to see the bigger picture.

It takes time to test

A sign company could theoretically print and install your sign in a few days. But if it blew down a few days later, you wouldn’t be happy with the result. The fact is, it takes time to draft and redraft designs, to ensure that the materials perform as desired and that you’re happy with the way things look before you give the final go ahead.

Size is no indicator of turnaround time

Although the bigger the sign the more complex it may be, the size of the signage is less important than the materials used or the final location. Planning permissions or sourcing specialised products can all extend the turnaround time on even a quite modestly sized sign.

Unless you know the turnaround time on your new signs, there’s no point in scheduling a time and date for the final installation, so make sure you choose materials that fit the purpose of the sign, but are readily available.

Sign installations involve more than the sign company

Very rarely does installing a sign involve one person with a ladder and a screwdriver. Usually, the process will have involved acquiring permissions and approvals – if your sign is illuminated, for example, then installation involves coordinating with your electricity suppliers. In fact, installing an illuminated sign can be an involved process, so be prepared for it to take its time to completion.

Don’t forget PR

Rushing into your sign installation not only runs the risk of bodging the whole thing, but you could also be missing out on some useful PR. Before the installation takes place, drum up some interest in the local media and start the process of boosting your brand recognition and awareness.

Scheduled maintenance

Part and parcel of the installation process should be scheduling planned maintenance. Be reactive and your signs will remain looking in tip top shape for as long as you need them to promote your brand. Get caught in the reactive maintenance loop and you’ll always be playing catch up and your sign will look tatty and worn long before it’s meant to.

Use a professional company for professional installation

At Sign Installations, we make it our business to provide top quality installation and maintenance that makes your vision a reality. We’ll guide you through the installation process and ensure that your new signage looks great and continues to boost your brand over the years. Need help scheduling a signage installation or want to know more? Contact us today for more details.

by norman