Sign Installations That Light Up Your Marketing

Sign installations that light up your marketing

If you’re looking for a way to differentiate your business signage, why not light it up? If you’re based in East Sussex, we can help you create a stunning display using energy efficient LEDs. The cost of effective LED signs has dropped dramatically in recent years, which means that costs per impression have dropped too. And with an impressive 70% reach, LED sign installations can raise your sales game by as much as 30%, making them a great way to draw customers to your business in a cost-effective way.

Why choose LEDs?

Unlike other forms of illuminated signs, LEDs are easy to install and have a durability that other forms of illumination cannot match. Use your LED signs for 8 hours a day and you could expect not to have to replace them for up to 17 years.

LED strip lights are incredibly flexible and are a snap to adapt to different styles of sign to unlock your creativity. They’re safer than neon and fluorescent lights because there are no fragile glass tubes, and the light quality is extremely good, with enough brightness and clarity to be read even in direct sunlight.

It’s not difficult to see why businesses are making the switch. But how do you get the best out of LED lighting for your business?

Increase brand awareness

In the UK alone, over 90% of retailers consider an LED sign a must have for their business. That’s because they can deliver an 85% boost to brand awareness, ratcheting up your presence on the high street and differentiating you from the competition. Low cost LEDs can get your sign noticed, and your brand with it, which is why LED signs are rapidly becoming the face of many UK businesses.

Affordable and effective, signs illuminated with LEDs are quick to install and operate and need virtually no maintenance.

Enhance your profile

A well designed and installed LED illuminated sign is a savvy way to demonstrate the professionalism of your business. By raising your profile and making your branding highly visible, you’re demonstrating integrity and trustworthiness to potential customers.

By utilising your logo and brand colours in the design of your sign, you’ll enhance your branding and keep your business top of mind.

Target your customers

As a small business, it’s critical that you create a buzz about your business. Creating specific illuminated signs that appeal to your customer base helps to drive customer loyalty and higher conversion rates.

If you’re a new business then using an effective and affordable LED illuminated sign can help you highlight your business and grab some action. By illuminating your sign, you’re creating an effective call to action that is hard to ignore.

Professional sign installations in East Sussex

Unlike other forms of illumination, LEDs produce really precise and targeted lighting that can deliver an increase in business from 15% to 150%. That’s what makes LEDs such a fantastic backlighting source for logos as well as letters.

If you want to find out for yourself what benefits LED illuminated signs can bring to your business, we can help. At Sign Installations, we’ll ensure that your fascia signs and channel letter are lit and installed to the highest possible standards for maximum return on investment, so contact us now.

by norman