Sign Installations: The Pros And Cons Of Retail Outdoor Signage

Built up stainless steel letters with LED halo lit lighting.- Sign Installations

A-frame signs can be a great way to attract customers when you’re getting a business up and running. But are you ready to move on to bigger and better signs that can really help your brand make a major impact? If so, you need to start considering other types of outdoor signage that can help drive sales and really boost your brand.

These are the types of signs that require professional installation and each one has their pros and cons. But if you need long term signage for your retail premises that can have the same kind of impact and reach as banners and A-frames, then these are the types to consider.

Maximise your potential with professional sign installations Outdoor signage is the fastest way to maximise the potential of your retail premises, but professional installation of your exterior signage is critical to make the most of an eye-catching design and to differentiate you from the competition.

Fascia signs can be easily adapted to suit the requirements of any brand and are a cost-effective way to take your marketing to the next level. A fascia can be flat mounted or created in the form of a light box for maximum impact at night. However, location and design are critical – the perfect design can be drowned out by the surrounding visual noise if the location of the installation isn’t perfect.

3D for impact

Using techniques like stand off signs and built up letters helps to add plenty of visual interest to your sign. Channel letters are a great choice – modern, stylish and a literal standout for your outdoor signage, they make an even greater impact when illuminated with energy efficient LEDs. A halo lit sign can look particularly effective, adding a visual boost to your brand.

Unlike a straightforward fascia installation which causes the minimum of disruption and is relatively straightforward, channel letters call for professional sign installations to really get the best out of your investment.

Illuminate to stand out

Illuminated signs are designed to make your premises stand out from the crowd, but they need to be professionally designed and installed for best effect. Face lit, back lit or edge lit, they can really highlight your brand, but the installation techniques required are more complicated than with straightforward fascias.

If you’re using individual cut letters, they may need to be mounted on a baseboard if your facade is uneven. This type of signage also requires regular maintenance for optimal performance.

Ask the professionals

At Sign Installations, we can help you get the best out of your outdoor signage by advising you on the best materials, design and illumination options for your retail premises.

There’s no doubt that professional sign installations make a huge difference – not only do we have the right equipment for the job and can troubleshoot any issues on the spot, but we have the experience to get it right first time, to create the best possible marketing impact for your East Sussex premises. Contact us for more information and advice.

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