Sign Installations: Tips On Location For Maximum Impact

Sign Installations: Tips On Location For Maximum Impact

Signage with the wow factor can create a great first impression. In fact, 75% of customers have visited a shop or business with eye-catching signs. But design is only part of the equation. Deciding where to locate signs can make a real difference, with over a third of customers citing a well-designed sign as the reason for purchasing or a product or using a service. If your East Sussex business is considering new sign installations, getting the location right is critical.

Why placement is crucial

For your customers, your signs are the first point of contact with your business. Therefore, placement is just as critical as design in engaging interest. An award winning design is pointless if it doesn’t connect with your audience.

It’s easy to want to skip this step in the sign installation process, but unless you employ a good strategy – and a little science – you could be throwing away your investment.

Walk in your customer’s shoes

Whether you’re having signs installed inside or outside your premises, you need to know the pathway your customers take and where their eyeline will fall. Working out the areas of highest footfall will help you to place your signs strategically, rather than using them to fill some empty wall space and thereby minimising their impact.

Understanding your customer demographics can also be a factor in ideal sign placement. Considering their age, income, education and gender can clue you in to good sign placement for your advertising campaigns.

Visibility is key

Limited visibility is the enemy of your marketing strategy. Exterior sign placement needs to capture the customer’s attention in seconds, making alignment and height critical factors in choosing a sign placement. Avoid large obstacles like tree branches that can obscure your sign and negatively impact on its effectiveness,

For interior signs, consider that the average person’s field of vision is somewhere between 75 degrees below eye level and 60 degrees above it. This can be used as a rough guideline for placing your signs.

Environmental extremes

Another factor to consider when placing your outdoor signs is the kind of environmental hardship they may suffer. Harsh sunlight or a wind tunnel location can impact on the materials that are used for your sign and the installation methods that are suitable.

Logistical challenges

If you’re considering undertaking the installation yourself, never choose a placement with logistical challenges you can’t overcome.

If you’re not trained at working at height or you don’t know one end of a screwdriver from the other, there’s no point undertaking the installation of a complex illuminated fascia yourself – a damaged or poorly installed sign can be a huge turnoff for customers, with over 50% saying they wouldn’t use a business with poor quality signs.

Professional sign installations for East Sussex businesses

If you want to maximise the return on your investment in new signs by getting the location right, we can help. Our professional installers are fully trained in working at height and can help you choose a location that allows your signs to attract customers and sell your products and services. For more information on how Sign Installations can help you, get in touch today.

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