Sign Installations: What’s The Right Sign Solution For Your Business?

Sign Installations: What’s The Right Sign Solution For Your Business?

Is your East Sussex business looking to upgrade its signs? You may want to replace like for like or you could be considering a major facelift. Perhaps you’re rebranding and are taking the opportunity to overhaul your marketing. Sign installations are the end of a journey that starts with decisions about the kind of impression you want to make as a business and the image you want to project.

First impressions count

It sounds like a cliche, but in business, the impression you create for your customers and clients may be the only chance you get to show them how professional you are.

Differentiate yourself with fresh signs that impress and are expertly installed, whether you want to make a statement with bold 3D outdoor signs or prefer to keep it minimalist with a discrete logo.

Set a budget

New signs represent a calculated investment, with costs varying depending on the size, type, materials and complexity of the signs you require. Done well, from design to installation, new commercial signs can deliver a significant return on investment, as they continue to create impressions for years.

Vinyl is a surprisingly flexible and adaptable material that can deliver a unique look, whether you opt for decals or a full building wrap. It’s also an affordable way to create a high impact look that’s surprisingly durable.

Consider durable options

The durability of the materials used should be non-negotiable. However, the final location and installation of your signs will also have an impact on their longevity, which is why it makes sense to work with professionals rather than deciding to do the installation yourself.

You may invest in top quality materials, but if your sign blows down or the fixings start to rust and stain, you’ll be unable to maximise your RoI. Ensure your sign is sturdy, durable and expertly installed with high quality materials and your business will be set for the long run.

Light it up

The type of sign you create should deliver maximum visibility for your branding and corporate messaging. It should reflect your business culture and be part of a consistent marketing narrative. In order to achieve all that, your sign needs visibility. And visibility means illumination.

Modern LED lightbox is an exceptional way to attract the eye on a busy high street. This type of installation can be as contemporary or retro as you like and works extremely well with bold monochrome branding – think Chanel. A well located and beautifully lit sign will draw the eye during the day and bring maximum visibility at night, instantly connecting your sign to your business for enhanced visibility.

Professional sign installations in East Sussex

Whatever style of sign you choose, from traditional wall hung signs full of gravitas, to modern pole hung signs that create a fun and funky impression, professional installation ensures that your sign stands out from the crowd and gets your business noticed.

We can help you to maximise the return on your investment by advising you on the best location and the safety and logistics involved in mounting your signs. We do the hard work so your business can reap the rewards of a well designed sign expertly installed. Contact us for more sign installation information and guidance.

by norman