Sign Installations: Why Your Shop Signage Is Important

Sign installations: Why your shop signage is important

Shopfront signage is one of your most important weapons in getting customers across the threshold. But how do you get your signage into the right place and the right location for maximum impact. High quality sign installations are critical for your East Sussex business if you want to capture the attention of passers-by.

Maximise your location

No two shop fronts are created equal. If yours isn’t as colourful or good looking as the competition, signage can help to make the most of the advantages you have.

Installing high quality channel letters with LED illumination creates a wow factor when you mount your signage as high as possible for the maximum impact. It’s a job for the professionals who are used to working at height – get it wrong and your investment and message will be lost.

Focus on visibility

Do you know how big your sign needs to be or where it needs to be located to be seen by a motorist passing at 50mph? Do you know the distance from which your sign will be legible to passers-by?

This is the kind of knowledge that professionals learn over time. They’ll be able to advise you on the correct location and placing for ultimate visibility to maximise the impact of your new sign.

Communicate a clear message

You have no more than 5 seconds to communicate everything you want your customers to know about your brand. All the hours of workshopping brand colours and testing them in focus groups mean nothing if your sign doesn’t convey its message fast. Make sure your wording is short and memorable so your message doesn’t get lost in the visual noise.

Professional sign installers know the optimum position for your signage to attract the highest number of eyeballs. Design is only half the equation when it comes to communicating your message. If your sign is obscured or difficult to read, your customer won’t bother looking at your signage.

Connect with customer experience

The appearance of your signage reflects directly on your brand integrity. Whether you need clear directional signage to make moving around your store a seamless experience, or you want to catch the eye of passers-by and influence their decision to step inside, signs can improve the customer experience.

Well displayed and installed signage will intersect with your target customers and provide a stellar first impression. By demonstrating your brand intent, clearly visible and expertly installed signs will entice customers, increasing your chances of making a sale.

Reflect your professionalism

A well designed sign, professionally installed and maintained, using the appropriate materials and fixing methods for the location, is a reflection of the professionalism that customers can expect to find inside your premises.

Sign installations in East Sussex

Having your signs professionally installed sends a clear message of intent to customers old and new. By creating the best first impression and enduring appeal, you’ll maximise the return on investment in your signage and reinforce brand recognition and awareness.

At Sign Installations, we have all your needs covered, whether you’ve decided on digital wallpaper at the point of sale or exterior signage that requires installation at height. We have the answers to all your sign installation questions, so contact us today.

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