What Should You Look for in a Company Offering Sign Installations in London?

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You’ve spent a few weeks talking to designers and signage fabricators, your planning permission has come through and you’re all ready to go. All you need now is a sign installation company to fit your new signage in place. Installation is just as critical as any other part of the sign-making process. If your sign isn’t installed correctly, then the sign will fail to impress and is likely to attract attention for the wrong reasons.

Not only will all of the time, energy and money you invested be wasted, but your sign will actively turn potential customers away. It’s vital, then, that whether you choose a company for sign installations in London or anywhere else, you make sure the people installing your sign are up to the job!

But how can you tell who should be trusted and who to avoid in the world of signage installation? We’re going to examine what you need to look for in a sign installation company, taking the example of a business based in London. But before we can talk about what to look for, we need to discuss what the job of signage installation actually involves.

Installation and Maintenance in One Package

Once your signage is installed, you’ll likely feel relieved to have it finally up and running, but it’s worth being aware that installation is just the first step in a hopefully lengthy relationship with your signage installation firm. The sign installation technician needs to fit the sign correctly without presenting any risk to safety, but it’s the responsibility of the sign owner to maintain the sign and get regular check-ups on its condition to prevent it from becoming a risk to anyone.

Failure to maintain your sign could lead to it falling and injuring someone, for which you would be liable. This would also reflect very badly on your business. Maintenance is not optional, then. Besides health and safety, maintenance is also integral for keeping your signs looking their best as silent spokespeople for your business. So as well as checking that fixtures are secure, sign maintenance also includes cleaning away the effects of pollution, dust and even vandalism which would otherwise diminish the custom-driving effect of your signage.

In terms of companies, many of those offering installation also provide maintenance plans. These are often broken down into preventative and reactive maintenance plans.

Preventative vs Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance, as the name suggests, means responding to a problem once it has happened. In practice, this could mean turning up to your premises one morning, finding that a particularly strong storm has damaged your sign, and giving your maintenance company a ring to sort it out. Preventative maintenance, by contrast, involves a series of routine check-ups to prevent most problems from occurring in the first place.

Preventative maintenance does mean a larger initial outlay and a little more work, but in the long run it saves both time and money and ensures that any signage downtime is minimised. This last point is crucial – your signs are only effective if they can be seen, and every day that they aren’t operational means the loss of potential customers.

What Can Installation and Maintenance Firms Offer You?

Now that we fully understand what the process of signage installation and maintenance means, what else should you look for when contracting the services of such a company for your business? From the perspective of a business in London, opting for local business may not be the best call. A company that offers installation services covering the whole of the capital and the surrounding regions would be most ideal, and there are several reasons for this.

The ability for your sign installers to work all over London and the south east is particularly useful if your business has multiple premises dotted across the capital. Having the same company working on and responsible for your entire signage portfolio streamlines your operations. There’s only one number to call if things do go wrong and you can rest assured that that each and every one of your locations can boast exactly the same high level of impressive signage.

Visual Consistency

This consistency across your signage and wider communication is critical to creating a powerful and coherent brand. Without visual consistency across your signage, your business misses out on many of the powerful and beneficial effects of signage. These effects, such as increased levels of footfall and custom, are caused by high levels of brand familiarity and recognition. If your brand appears differently on several signs and across several businesses, it isn’t possible for consumers to become familiar with the brand at all.

This throws the rest of your marketing operations into disarray. Consumers who refer each other by word-of-mouth to your store won’t be able to find it, and when your business expands and opens new premises, these stores won’t be able to benefit from the high levels of consumer-pulling brand equity boasted by your brand.

For businesses with just one location at present, choosing a company that works across all London boroughs and the surrounding counties could still prove a sensible move in the long run. Working with the same signage firm on maintenance for several years allows a valuable business relationship to develop.

It’s hard to find a partner in business who can truly be trusted and it would be disappointing to lose this relationship as your company succeeds and expands across the metropolis. Pre-emptively choosing a firm that offers signage installation in London and beyond ensures that your business will benefit from a trusted signage solutions provider throughout the years of operations ahead.

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