Why A Site Survey Is The Key To Effective Sign Installations

Why a site survey is the key to effective sign installations

The most effective part of your next sign installations may already have happened. The site survey is the key to an effective sign installation, because it’s at this stage that critical decisions about design, legibility, positioning and even the number of signs that you require can be made.

However aesthetically pleasing your signs may look, without proper installation, your message will simply disappear. That’s why you need to take the time to work with your sign installation company to undertake a full site survey, so you can troubleshoot any issues before they get to the design and manufacturing stage.

Create a checklist

An accurate and successful survey is the key to a flawless installation process. In order to gather the right information, it makes sense to use a checklist that all stakeholders can complete. This part of the procedure may also include looking at any relevant plans and drawings, so that as much relevant information as possible is captured and there are no flaws in the communication process.

The initial inspection

The initial site visit shouldn’t just be about exploring the installation site. Exploring the surrounding area gives a full spectrum idea of what signage may be required – for example, wayfinding signage to direct customers and clients to your premises, as well as exterior signage for your business.

The initial visit to the site will obviously examine potential layouts and positioning and it gives you the opportunity to understand how the finished installation will look. An even more important part of the initial visit is to conduct a full risk assessment. This will look for obvious hazards like overhead cables and potential installation problems and saves time when the signage is ready for installation. The initial survey also looks for any factors in the environment that need to be taken into account in the design and manufacture process.

Draft sign installations

There’s no point designing a sign that’s unsuitable for your location. That’s where draft sign positioning comes in handy. With all the information now available, you can work with your designer to create a draft of your signage needs and work out the best sites for installation – whether that’s a high impact illuminated sign or wayfinding signs installed in a car park. The more meticulous you are at this stage of the process, the more hassle-free the final installation will be.

Survey twice, manufacture once

It’s always sensible to have a second site visit during the manufacturing process. A full set of signage can take months to design and create to the highest standards and things can change while that process is underway. If your signage is to be installed in a new construction, then you may find that what was once an area ideal for sign installation is now inaccessible. A change of plans at the last minute can be costly and may force a complete rethink of your signage plans. That’s why the more site inspections, the better.

Ask the experts

At Sign Installations, we can help your East Sussex business get an edge on the competition with flawlessly installed signs. High impact signage delivers a high return on investment when you take time to have your site surveyed and your signs professionally installed, so contact us for more information.

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