Why Professional Sign Installations Support Your Brand

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Your signs do plenty of heavy lifting when it comes to supporting your brand. After all, there are limits to what connectivity can achieve when it comes to the user experience, with many of us choosing to use ad blockers to screen out unwanted and intrusive marketing.

In fact, the sheer visibility of your signage in the real world can drive business through your doors – it seems that even in the digital age, 82% of millennials prefer to make their purchases off-line in bricks and mortar stores.

That makes your signage more relevant than ever, and innovative design and materials – not to mention low power, high impact LED illumination – can really make your signs shine. Integrate them with your digital presence and you create a double whammy that can reap huge dividends for your brand.

But, and it’s a big one, however innovative or forward thinking your designs or choices of materials are, your sign will fail if you don’t have it professionally installed.

The first impression

Your business has just 7 seconds to make an impression on a potential customer. If they’ve gone out of their way to visit your premises because they were impressed by your online presence, don’t let them down with a shabby, poorly installed sign.

If you’ve worked hard to establish your brand presence online and in the real world, it’s worth making sure that your high quality signs are professionally installed. That way they’ll create that instant positive first impression that drives customers through the doors.

Remember, your signage is only as good as the quality of the installation.

Implement your vision

If you want to make your marketing vision a reality, then you need to pay attention to every detail. For example, if your sign needs mounting before installation, have you considered the material you’ll use?

Get it wrong and your sign will look underwhelming and be difficult to install. That, in turn, will have a huge impact on its effectiveness as a tool for brand recognition and reinforcement.

The holistic approach

When it comes to professional sign installations, you need to take a 360 degree holistic look at the environment, the materials used and the unique installation requirements. Taking a holistic approach means you can make the best possible decisions for a sign that is long lasting and low maintenance.

Will your sign require two people to handle it? Will they be working at height or in other difficult conditions? Will your signage be expected to stand up to extreme weather or does it require specialised illumination? All these factors can impact on the materials you choose and the way your sign installations are achieved.

Professional sign installations

In all walks of life, professionalism matters when it comes to getting the best results, and signage installation for your East Sussex business is no different.

Professional sign installers are flexible enough to troubleshoot on the fly and come up with easy solutions to the most complex problems. At Sign Installations, we pride ourselves on having the expertise and skills to get the job done right first time, every time, to support your brand and boost your high street recognition, so get in touch with us to harness our services.

by norman