Sign Installations: The Art That Attracts Customers

Sign installations: the art that attracts customers

Think of the outstanding signs in your high street in East Sussex. They’re the ones that are professionally produced, created from high quality materials that can withstand the Biritsh climate, with brand colours that are true to life and won’t fade. But production is only one part of the equation. Sign installations that equal the professionalism of the design itself are essential for retail business looking to attract new customers. Here’s why.

How important is signage for your customers?

As it turns out, signage is very important when you want to attract customers to your retail premises. Your marketing campaigns and website may direct new and existing customers to your store, but signs can be unbeatable when it comes to attracting passers-by who weren’t previously aware of your premises.

In fact one survey discovered that 76% of customers will visit a store simply because they’re attracted by the signage. A further 68% have even made a purchase because they were attracted by a well designed sign.

First impressions count, with 75% of respondents sharing information about a new store because they were impressed with its signage and 68% believing that a store’s signage is a direct reflection on its products and services. But beware signage fails, as 52% said they’d be put off entering a store where the signs were misspelled or of poor quality.

The art of installation

Those statistics are very encouraging when you’re investing in signs and anxious to get a good return on your investment. But never forget that installation is every bit as important as design and production when it comes to creating the best overall impression. After all, a poorly installed sign that collapses after a few months will ruin all the hard work you’ve put into the design.

Yet sign installation continues to be treated as an afterthought, even though the correct installation of vinyl wraps or channel letters can be particularly tricky and time-consuming to get just right. And if you don’t pay attention to HSE and building regulations, your sign can fail before it’s even started to attract new customers.

A false economy

Even a poor professional installation job is better than a DIY disaster. Never be tempted to tackle the installation of a sign yourself, because nothing has more of an effect on its eventual impact than the way your sign is installed. Paying for an illuminated sign that never works properly because of incorrect installation is a waste of money. And that goes for crooked signs and incorrectly positioned letters.

A professional installer will have the proper equipment for the job, including fixings that hold fast in masonry and ties that adequately secure your totems and other free standing signs. They’ll be fully trained in working at height and will offer you a maintenance package for the ongoing care of your signage. Professional production and installation are designed to get the best out of your signs.

Sign installations in East Sussex

If you need high quality sign installation to make the most of your beautiful new signs, get in touch with us at Sign Installations and we’ll help you to maximise the return on your investment.

by norman