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You might not think it if you look out of the window, but summer is almost upon us once again. This is probably the busiest time of year for many companies right across the country, as we start to emerge from the inevitable winter slump and slow spring season. With thoughts turning to barbecues, picnics, seaside trips and long-lazy evenings, more and more people are tempted out onto the High Street by the nicer weather – and that means more eyes on your signs.

Signage becomes incredibly important at this time of year, for all sorts of reasons. If you’ve been considering upgrading your signs but have been putting it off for months, now’s the time to act.

A boost in footfall

There can be no doubt that the nicer summer weather brings more people out into the streets, where your signage is visible and seen by greater numbers of people than over the colder months. More people will be on the lookout for cafés, bars and restaurants to enjoy meals out or drinks in the sunshine after work, or for shops where they can stock up on summer essentials, an updated summer wardrobe or something to entertain the kids over the long holidays. Gyms may see a spike in membership, as people try and tone up ahead of their beach holidays, while estate agents may also see a surge in interest as people begin to desperately search for a home they can move into before the next winter sets in.

This is also the time of year when people suddenly begin to tackle all those odd jobs they’ve delayed until the nicer weather. They’re looking for builders for that loft conversion, they’re searching for handymen to fix those broken fence panels, they want florists and caterers for summer weddings and parties. Whatever sector you operate in, whatever goods or services you sell, new signage can help you take advantage of this sudden surge of interest and help you reach more of those potential customers before your rivals do.

If you’re fortunate enough to run a business in a popular seaside town, picturesque village or tourist-destination city, you might see footfall increase significantly, thanks to greater numbers of holidaymakers. Tourists can be a major new demographic to target over the summer, but since they probably know nothing about your company or what you can provide for them, making sure your signage stands out and captures their attention is critical. If you want to grab a slice of the tourist market and attract them to your restaurant, café, bar or store, then bold, bright and eye-catching signage is one of the most important marketing steps you can take.

Feeling the heat

Designing, creating and installing new signage doesn’t have to be a lengthy task by any means, but the sooner you act, the better. Many business owners leave it too late for their new signage to be effective, when it comes to capturing the summer crowds, only realising mid-way through the season that they should have acted sooner.

It’s worth remembering, too, that signwriting companies see the same surge of interest and big summer rush as businesses in other sectors. If you’ve decided that new signage is a good idea, then the chances are that everyone else has had the same thought, at the same time, and you’re suddenly in the midst of a scramble to get onto the signwriters’ books. In order to beat the summer signage dash, it’s wise to think ahead and have your signs installed or your new vehicle signwriting commissioned well in advance of the good weather.

With an election coming up, uncertainty over how Brexit will affect businesses and an economy still making slow progress in its recovery, companies up and down the country have found competition has been hotting up and they need to increase their efforts at marketing their brand. Signage is the biggest brand marketing tool you can have, acting as 24/7 advertising for your business and announcing to the world what it is you make, sell or do. Few marketing investments have such an immediate, tangible effect on how well you reach people and how likely you are to attract more custom.

Done well, new signs can breathe new life into your business. Summer is the perfect time to harness that feel-good spirit and make a change which will shake up how regular customers see your company and attract new ones to you. Well-made and well-maintained signs show your commitment to your business and your work, so this is precisely the sort of investment which will pay dividends in the long term.

While the last few summers have been a bit of a washout weather-wise, little deters the British from making the most of the all too brief warmer months. If you don’t want to miss out on the increased High Street footfall, then having your new signs designed and installed now means you’ll be better organised and better prepared for the summer rush.

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