Installing signage right first time.

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How to get your sign installations right first time, every time

Creating beautiful signage is only half the story when it comes to promoting your business. Get the installation wrong and your signs will be virtually invisible, obscuring your marketing message and wasting your investment. Here are the three critical factors to proper installation for your business signage.

Focus on visibility

Sign installations should be highly visible and create an aesthetic appeal for your business, without sacrificing safety. Hiring a professional sign installation company is the first step towards the peace of mind of knowing that your installation meets any local guidelines and being sure that it will have the visibility that your business needs to succeed.

A visually engaging sign can generate up to 50% of your business, so getting the installation right is key. A professional installation company will have surveyed the site and obtained any relevant permissions. They’ll install your signage using appropriate methods that take the environment and safety into consideration.

Install an aesthetically pleasing sign in the right place with LED illumination for 24/7 visibility and you’ll maximise your ROI.

Optimise location for sign installations Assess the location where your sign will be mounted. Do you need a projecting swing sign or will your sign be wall mounted? Is your sign installation style compatible with the surrounding area? The optimum location will deliver profile and visibility and that means greater brand exposure and brand awareness for your business.

You also need to consider the size of your sign in relation to its proposed location. Is everything to scale? Is your sign oversized or too small to make an impact? Is the message simple and clear enough to be readable from a distance and close up?

If you’ve chosen your location and really want your sign installations to have the wow factor, invest in LED illumination. A combination of LEDs and channel letters can deliver a sophisticated and highly visible sign that makes the most of your chosen location.

Choose your partners with care

When you’re looking for a business in East Sussex to handle your sign installation, then choose with care. Your sign installation company should have a good reputation, a strong track record and plenty of experience in the field. Remember, your sign won’t maximise its impact without skilled and careful installation that ensures that it’s accurately sited, wired for illumination if necessary and perfectly installed with safe and secure fixings.


For your customers, the quality of your signs reflects on the quality of your business. The company you choose to do business with will offer an end to end service using only the best techniques and practices to ensure that your sign installations are durable and long lasting, using the best quality materials.


That’s why you should never take the decision of finding a partner lightly. Align yourself – and the reputation of your business – with the professionals. At The Sussex Sign Company, we’ll act as your trusted signage consultant throughout the installation process, helping you to maximise your ROI and integrate high quality signage into your business.


by norman