Who should you trust to install your signage?

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Business signage is one of the best forms of public marketing in every respect, from its versatility to its cost-effectiveness. It helps your company to build brand awareness and familiarity amongst your target audience and to draw in new customers.

The process of revamping your shop front with brand new signage consists of many stages, from an initial consultation, through to design and fabrication. It culminates in the installation of the new signage, followed by a long-term maintenance programme. Naturally, embarking on this journey costs money, and so commercial signage should be considered an investment for your business.

In order to protect your investment and to get the best possible return from it, it’s vital to use professional services every step of the way. This is particularly relevant to the installation of your new signage. Even if you have made the effort to acquire expertly designed and fabricated signage, your careful planning will have been in vain if the quality of installation is low.

Poorly installed signage or fixtures that initially look professional yet rapidly degrade give off entirely the wrong impression. Passers-by will naturally assume that if a business hasn’t taken much care over its shop front, then this lack of regard probably applies to their products and services as well.

Every sign is unique, so why settle for a standardised installation?

The range of signage now available to businesses is mind-blowing, from vinyl sheeting for one shop window, to installations covering the side of an entire building; from totem poles and free-standing external signage to aluminium signage and shopfront fascia. This allows your business to be represented in a truly unique manner. What’s more, the high street and our society at large are saturated with signs and images, so if you want your signage to be effective, it’ll will need to create impact.

A professional sign installation company with a wealth of experience in the industry will recognise the uniqueness of each and every sign, together with the necessity of a personally tailored and customised service for each installation. Moreover, thanks to this experience, professional installation firms will have access to the wide range of equipment necessary to safely install the wide variety of signs on the market.

Professionally protecting your business’ public image

Commercial signage is far more than just an indicator of your premises’ location. It constitutes a vital and central element of your public image. Your public image is that part of your business to which your clients respond and with which they have a relationship. In many cases, it is seen by the thousands of potential customers passing a given business every day. Building a strong public image that embodies the values, goals and vision of your business takes a huge amount of work, and once tarnished, cannot easily be repaired.

Given the central importance of your public image, it really is unwise to risk compromising it simply to save a few pounds. Professional sign installation companies will understand just how vital your public image is to the continued existence of your business, and thus only seasoned, reputable firms should be trusted to actively protect that public image.

Health and safety

As far as signage is concerned, what could damage your public image? A poorly installed vinyl sign that peels away, or aluminium lettering that loses letters one by one leaving the overall sign illegible. Neither of these create a good impression on existing customers or would-be clients. But that’s not the only way in which poorly installed signs can hurt your public image.

If someone were to suffer an injury as a result of incorrectly installed signs at your business premises, then you can expect your positive public image to dissolve overnight. There are a wealth of regulations and standards to prevent such an incident from occurring, but only a professional sign installation company can be trusted to produce work to this standard, and to check their work afterwards to make sure that it will be fully compliant.

Professional accreditations

This is an inherent and central element in what it means to be ‘professional’. There are numerous professional trade bodies offering accreditation to installation technicians, certifying that their work is of the required standard. There are also qualifications to help new technicians reach this standard. Without these accreditation’s, there is no guarantee that your chosen installation firm can live up to its word and install your signs safely and effectively.

On the other hand, by their very nature, professional sign installation companies have already amply demonstrated their abilities and aptitude, and can be relied upon to adhere to the same high standards for each and every client.

A one-day job or a life-long journey?

Sign installation itself, depending on the nature and scale of the job, can often be completed in one day. For fly-by-night companies, that’s it – job done. Truly professional sign installation companies, in contrast, recognise that a successful installation is only the beginning of the journey in working with the client and their signage.

Your freshly installed shopfront signage will no doubt turn heads and draw in customers for the first few weeks and months, but in time, the elements will start to take their toll. Professional sign companies are aware of this and should offer a maintenance programme. This and only this can ensure that your signs are kept in good order and continue to attract clients just as strongly as they did on day one.

What makes a professional sign installation company?

With over two decades’ operation in the signage industry, the team at The Sussex Sign Company are proud to have accumulated numerous accreditation’s and professional qualifications, the results of which shine through in every installation we complete. We would be privileged to put this expertise and skill to work for your business. Why not get in touch today and find out what we can offer you.

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