Why should you only let a qualified professional install your signage?

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You’ve had multiple consultations with graphic designers and signage professionals, after which your sign was fabricated and has finally arrived. The hard part is over, right? Unfortunately not. Actually installing signs is just as complex and crucial to get right. Poorly installed signage reduces the benefits that it can bring to your business. Incorrect installation of a heavy sign above a shop entrance, for example, could even cause someone an injury.

In this article we’ll look at the importance of correct signage installation due to the risks caused by poor installation, including both financial and those related to health and safety. The benefits derived from getting the job done properly will also be examined, together with the professional qualifications that all signage technicians should have before you trust them with your brand.

The power of signage

The primary purpose of signage is to indicate the presence and location of something, and to let people know what that ‘something’ is. But that’s only part of the story. Your carefully designed signage solution is more than just a place-marker. Effective signage makes your business premises stand out from the white noise of the high street by attracting the right kind of attention from passers-by, communicating to them a story about what your company stands for and what it has to offer them. This message has the power to instantly transform every passer-by into a potential customer.

A particularly striking and well-designed sign can even become a landmark of sorts in the local area by which people orient themselves. This could, on one hand, mean that your sign loses its effectiveness, but recognisable signage that carries your branding, over time, leads to high levels of brand recognition amongst your target market – and anyone else who sees your sign. When used as part of a cross-channel branding campaign, well-designed and branded signage can be a promotional tool of unparalleled effectiveness.

The importance of correct sign installation: return on investment

In the right hands, this is an extremely effective marketing tool, especially given that it uses space to which the business already has access, instead of hiring additional space such as a billboard. Indeed, alternative forms of advertising, such as hiring billboard space or a page in the local newspaper, would be viewed as an investment by most business owners. Given the similar, yet enhanced, power and abilities of signage to promote your business, draw in customers and engender brand familiarity, signage should also be viewed as an investment.

Whether or not an investment is a good one is measured by its return. Correctly installed signage affixed by technicians with professional qualifications can last for years, if maintained, and provide an outstanding return on investment that makes signage one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing available. On the other hand, incorrect or downright shoddy installation of a sign reduces the maximum return on investment that could be achieved. This means that you, the business owner, lose out.

Brand reputation

So we have looked at the boost that signage can give to your brand. The quality of the installed sign speaks for itself, sometimes louder than the message or design of the sign itself. By choosing unqualified sign installation technicians, even if they claim to know all about installing signs, you entrust your brand to people whose credentials are essentially unproven.

What are consumers likely to think if they see a poorly installed sign? In all likelihood, they would worry that the apparent lack of concern over the external appearance of your business might be reflected in other areas of your business, such as the quality of your service and products. These concerns aren’t even conscious – people simply see a shoddily installed shop frontage and are instantly turned off.

Regardless as to the quality of the sign, whenever consumers see your brand, they have certain responses to it. Positive brand associations, such as ‘trustworthy’, ‘high quality’ and ‘good value for money’ can take months or even years of hard work to accrue. The work pays off in the end, however, as the equity built up in your brand means that opening new stores is well within reach, because customers will be familiar with your name and instantly trust the new store.

These positive brand perceptions, while they take years to build, can be lost in an instant. And poorly installed signage is just as effective at destroying good impressions as any other aspect of your business. If anything, signage is more crucial since it is the first thing that every customer and would-be customer sees before they even come through the door. Something as vital and valuable as your brand should only be trusted to professionally accredited and qualified signage installation technicians.

Health and safety

A high percentage of modern signage uses materials including steel, aluminium and heavy plastics, and modern sign installation techniques allow for signage solutions that previously wouldn’t have been possible, or would have been harder to achieve. Poorly installed signage doesn’t just harm your business in terms of consumer perceptions, but risks becoming a safety hazard.

It’s the responsibility of the owner of the sign, under health and safety legislation, to ensure that signage is well maintained and doesn’t present a risk to anyone. This means that, should a part of your poorly installed sign fall and injure someone, you might be liable. There’s also the corollary effect that the reputation of your business would be damaged, possibly irreparably. Qualified signage technicians can be trusted to get the job done properly and safely the first time.

At The Sussex Sign Company, we take pride in the professional quality of our services. Our pride and expertise is supported by a range of accreditations and qualifications from renowned professional bodies such as  IPAF, CHAS and PASMA and Constructionline. You can trust us to install your signage solutions safely and effectively. With us, your brand is in safe hands. call us today on 01273 417074.

by norman