Why Should You Use Only the Most Highly Trained and Experienced Sign Fitters?

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As experienced business owners will be aware, signage is one of the most powerful public relations tools out there, top of the class in every area from economy to effectiveness. Signs facilitate the building of brand awareness and familiarity in your target audience, drawing in new customers and ensuring that long-time clients come back time and again. Put simply, signage allows your business to make a statement!

That said, the task of renovating the front of your business premises with some new signage is not necessarily an easy one. The signage procurement process consists of a series of stages, from the initial consultation and design phase through to fabrication and installation by qualified sign fitters. Even then, regular long-term maintenance is a must if you want your sign to keep the custom-pulling power it has on day one.

Signage: An Investment Like Any Other

As can be expected, the above process of signage procurement takes both money and time – things that no business can throw around lightly. If done correctly, the result could put your business on the map, driving new custom like never before. If your new sign is poorly designed, manufactured or installed, however, then these investments of time and money go to waste.

Shoddily or incorrectly installed signage might look professional and impressive at first, but tends to rapidly decline in quality to the point of being irreparable. Not only does a poorly installed sign negate your positive investment of time and money; it also actively reduces the standing of your business in the eyes of all who see the sign by giving off a highly undesirable impression.

Picture the scene – a sign composed of built-up lettering, the façade of which has fallen away from some of the letters, exposing the lighting components inside. A couple of letters are wonky and the spacing between them is uneven. The design concept was spot-on, having been produced by truly professional designers and fabricators to produce a cutting-edge contemporary sign that was sure to turn heads. This was all in vain, however, thanks to the amateur installation job.

The Medium is the Message

A sign communicates so much more than just the message written on it. The sign itself is a form of message in that it embodies ideas and facts that are communicated to the viewer. A poorly installed sign suggests a lack of concern for appearances to those clients and would-be customers who see it. From this the thought may arise that this lack of regard applies to the service and products offered by the business as well.

Other messages communicated by the sign itself include that you’re prepared to cut corners if it saves a little and that you don’t care about the impact on your reputation of the potential safety hazards that result. Safety is a particular concern with sign installation. If a customer were to be injured by a falling piece of lettering, not only would the damage to your public relations be almost impossible to overcome, but you could also be liable.

All of these messages carry completely the wrong impression considering that the purpose of the sign – and of your sizeable investment in it – are intended to draw in new customers and make a powerful and lasting statement about your business. These thoughts may even occur subconsciously, but have the power to affect purchasing decision nonetheless.

This would be a nightmare for any business owner and is perhaps an extreme example, but the point of the overwhelming importance of the quality of sign installation stands. How can you protect your investments and ensure you have professional sign fitters working on your shopfront?

Professional Sign Fitters Have Training, Experience and Qualifications

When hunting for a dependable and skilled trades person for any job, business people typically employ a range of strategies from asking friends for referrals to consulting the Yellow Pages. Nonetheless, these strategies tend to be a bit ‘hit and miss’ – you can never be completely sure that the sign installation will be satisfactory until it’s already done.

Not to worry, though – there are certain indicators that can be relied upon to find outstanding sign fitters every time. These are experience, training and qualifications, and ideally, a good sign installation technician will possess all of these. Of course, it’s perfectly possible that a fitter without any of these may be able to do a perfectly satisfactory job, but we’re looking for reliability before the fact.

To assess the level of experience that your potential sign fitter possesses you could ask how long they’ve been in the business and to see their portfolio for examples of their previous work. If they’re locally based there’s a good chance they might have installed a sign that you’ve encountered, so it’s worth enquiring.

Training and qualifications tend to go hand-in-hand most of the time, but a sign installation company worth sticking with will be one that encourages its employees to study for new qualifications even if they’ve been working in the business for years. Certain qualifications and accreditation’s to keep an eye out for include the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), Safe Contractor, CHAS, Constructionline,  IPAF and PASMA. A commitment to professional development through continuous training is ultimately what to seek. After all, true professionals never stop learning.

Final Thoughts

Doing all of the above will guarantee that your sign – and thus by extension, your business – gets the treatment it deserves. At The Sussex Sign Company, with over two decades’ experience under our belts, we understand the vital importance to your business of all aspects of signage. Our highly qualified crews work regularly with all kinds of signage media, from entire corporate rebrands involving shop frontages and freestanding signs to simple vinyl window installations. If you’d like to find out more about what we could do for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01273 417074.

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